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Conventional website mistakes - traffic-building


It used to be that basically having a website meant that your association was ahead of the curve. Those days are long gone. Today more that ever, organizations need to fuel big business and their base lines all the way through savvy internet tactics.

What separates the savvy from the just receiving by? If any of these symptoms are true of your company or your website, you may need to juggle around with your strategy, or change for the better put, start using a approach in the first place.


1. You cannot enumerate your website's passage information even in broad-spectrum terms. This ought to be as customary data as your last year's revenues or your mission statement. How can you make smart decisions about internet marketing dollars if you don't know how much passage you are getting?

2. Your website has not altered in any way in 6 months. If this is the case, it doubtless indicates that your site is not an energetic part of your marketing plan. Be cautious not to neglect your site to the point that aptitude customers will be twisted off by a lack of interest to detail.

3. Your site is not generating leads of any kind. Does your site endow with an easy way for customers to acquaintance you? Can they agree to questions online? Are you in the habit of asking walk-ins "how did you hear about us?"

4. Your site is rarely, if ever, mentioned in meetings and preparation sessions. This one is appealing self-explanatory. Is your site the big white elephant in the breathing room that nonentity talks about?

If your company displays any of the above symptoms, don't despair. But do commit to doing amazing about it. Many times the best way to begin is to find sites that you do like and incorporate the best qualities of those sites into your own. Now get surfing!

Tony Valle is owner of Promethius Consulting, LLC, a website blueprint and marketing firm. Learn more at http://www. promethius. com


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