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A down-to-earth guide to analyzing all those web interchange ideas - part 3 - traffic-building


Just to recap - Parts 1 and 2 of this topic outlined some of the so-called "secrets" of website travel being accessible on-line and what you might count on for your money. If you missed also of these parts you will still be able to view them by clicking on the links appearing in the source box at the end of this, Part 3.

It would seem from all the commentary and consideration I have customary so far, that I have struck on a customary ailment from website owners. So much so, that I have absolute to write Part 3, which wasn't at first intended.

Yes, all website owners are looking for that magic formula which will give them added interchange to their sites.

You have bent a brilliant site, full of amazing information. You know associates will just love it. However, there is one major problem. Minion knows that it exists. Sound familiar? You are Michelangelo and you are confined to the Sistine Chapel where there is not a web-cam in sight for you to show your work to the world.

Enough joking around! This is meant to be serious.

You have before now submitted to all the free examination engines and directories. You wait. Weeks pass and your site is still not listed. You need traffic. You're anxious for traffic! So you do what thousands of others do, you give in to the temptation of all the adroit marketeers who are out there coming up for citizens just like you (and me).

"Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly. . . " (er, sorry to notify you but you are the six-legged one here)

Have you noticed a few equipment about the "professors" of website passage techniques? They all bend together. They all refer to one another. They are all "cyber-friends. " And, why shouldn't they be?

They are using one of the best marketing techniques since the day dot! Word of mouth, or in this case, word of click. They are in the affair of referral. What beat way to breed leads? It's a nice cosy diminutive arrangement.

Marketer A promotes seller B who promotes C who promotes D who promotes A. Hey presto! What do we have? We have a marketing web-ring of referring "experts" and "gurus. " If you stumble into this web-ring you might just find manually defective to buy all those seemingly great and a great deal cross-referred food they offer. A, B, C and D all win. But what about you? I'm reckoning that four "information" crop at an be an average of price of US$39. 95 each will set you back a cool US$159. 80. Then of course, you will be bombarded with all conduct of emails hopeful you to buy the most modern "cutting edge" techniques as word goes out (via email) that you are hungry for information. Get manually ready for a SPAM attack!

Here's a hint - when you get those ezines full of junk and forty lines of boring promotion links, easily go to your email settings and do the following. Highlight the line containing the offending email, go to the toolbar at the top of your screen, open up "Message" then come down and highlight "Block Sender. "

This will divert the superfluous junk email to your "Deleted Items" list. When the list fills up you can then basically highlight the very top and floor emails and all in connecting by investment down the "Shift" key. Once they are all select you can send them all to the hogwash tip by clicking "Delete".

Of course, you can all the time ask for the SPAM not to be sent but all that tends to do is alert the sender to the fact that you are a real live being on the other end. This can then befall a gesture for them to up the ante on you even more. Every so often it is best just not to acknowledge a number of emails. This is above all true for all those bothersome pornography sites that seem to concentrate in this type of acknowledgement game. It's your choice.

So, you now have four or more "special reports" which you hope will disclose all the secrets of greater than ever web-traffic. Here's a sample:

A - "How I Generated 1000's of Hits Per Day Using This A small amount Known Trick. "

B - "The Amazing Web Travel Secrets I Accurately Stumbled Diagonally While In performance Golf. "

C - "The Assured no-BS Way to Being paid 100,000 Hits in Just Three Months. "

D - "How I, Homer Zantuck, a Dumb High Discipline Drop-out Fooled the Examination Engines. "

(Side note: Those titles are fabricated but if any nascent new "gurus" would like to use them - please, be my guest!)

Sure, they might all control a barely morsel of in order that you might find useful. But is the $29. 95 or $39. 97 or $47. 77 price tag worth it? My be subjected to says no. What you by and large get are a few sheets of paper, often only one or two surrounded by hype and testimonials about what a awesome sight the creator is. That is the "report. "

You be supposed to be wary of testimonials. All websites use them, mine included. However, if you are basing all your hopes on what "Fred Jones from Albuquerque" or "Doreen P of East Norway" allegedly said then you ought to think again. Many testimonials are fictitious. The only truly credible testimonials are those which carry a "live" email or website attend to and even then such a being may be an "affiliate" (see Part 2). So, act your own due attentiveness ahead of you buy. If you do you will definitely save money.

I have a bit more to say yet on other web transfer promises and scams. However, if I comprise them here it will make this condition irrationally long. Therefore, stay tuned for Part 4 where I will divulge my experiences with those schemes which agree a downpour of passage from banner promotion on "start up pages. " They are a real doozy, so make sure you have a read.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this topic are roofed by copyright. However, all three parts may be liberally used given that there are no changes at all to the contented and the subsequent store box cadaver intact.

PS: If you think this in sequence might help a associate from declining prey to these debatable practices you can send them a copy of this clause (or any associated parts) or address them to the website URL above. Let's get the word out and put a stop to this.

About the author: Gary Simpson is the creator of eight books jacket a diverse range of subjects such as self esteem, affirmations, self defense, finance and much more. His articles arrive all over the web. Gary's email attend to is budo@iinet. net. au. Click here to go to his Motivation & Self Appreciate for Success website where you can catch his "Zenspirational Thoughts" plus an burning FREE copy of his decidedly acclaimed, life-changing e-book "The Power of Choice. "


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