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Free interchange classes - day 4 - traffic-building


This day 4 of "Free Travel Course" is attentive to mailing lists, their power to augment besieged web site traffic, automate online marketing and give more sales from web site visitors.

What is an email communication in terms of communicating in Internet? Commonly citizens say this is a expressly coded idea that can bring in order to the one address(es). But this is a very ceremonial explanation.

Email is your voice in Internet. Even if the technologies of transferring sounds and live video similes are budding rapidly, still email corpse the most entire tool for communicating in Internet. So, email is the voice of your web site. If the web site "speaks" with a efficiently set voice, using good tone - the web site gets high credibility. That is why a apt management of email for the web site is very important.

But emails are not only letter carriers to your clients or prospects. They can be a athletic promotion cool, instructive guideline or eZine which helps to promote the product/service better. Emails can serve as a good advice from the clients. Only your head can limit the reimbursement of using emails for your online business.


If you have used any mailing tool before, then you perchance know this catch - all works good. But so many skin and options are austerely unavailable, other facial appearance have many confines and restrictions.

Some mailing tools have limit on the digit of mailing lists contained by them. Some tools must be installed for each web site discretely which often means you have to pay for every installation of mailing tool to the new web site. Some mailing tools do not show marker data - how can you track your work with clients if you do not know the mailing figures details? Some mailing tools do not allow to personalize messages, and this is a huge step back for clients. The drawbacks are numerous.

One of the modules integrated in Free Interchange Arrangement has a revolutionary mailing list tool that solves all the harms mentioned above. It fully automates the mailing custom for your web site, charitable amazing profit and advantages.

Read each of the remuneration and reward and see how they will help your web site and online business.

#1. Mailing List module is boundless - you can construct as many mailing lists as you wish, you can add as many subscribes to these mailing lists as you wish, you can send as many e-mail as you wish.

#2. Mailing List module manages the mailing for all your web sites from ONE web site where you have installed Free Interchange System. No customary installations - put the approach to one of your web sites, and the Mailing List module will cope your correspondence from one "captain's deck". Very fitting and saves time.

#3. You can personalize your letters the way you wish. Mailing List module chains more than 20 macros elements: web site name, mailing list name, date of user registration in mailing list, first and last name, user's email, subscriber's date of birth, country, state, etc. You can make specially your mail so your clients will feel the real custom-made accost to them. Clients like when a big name cares about them.

#4. You can send letters in HTML and TXT formats. Send your clients the mail that will be in the design that suits your clients better.

#5. You can test and preview all communication already carriage them. Thus you will know how closely your letters will look. If there any mistakes in the message, you preview the correspondence and acceptable mistakes ahead of your clients see them.

#6. You can append files to the messages. If you have any chief file that has to go disjointedly or cannot be pasted in the communication body, use the attachment feature.

#7. A huge base of ready-made communication templates. Some say that templates are for lazy people. This is not true - templates are for those who want to save their time and still get a good-looking result. Plus you can edit free templates or make the templates by yourself.

#8. The arrangement has also preinstalled mailing lists: directory, spider, autoresponder, mailing list, site news, etc. You can use them if you do not want to coin your own mailing lists. You can also edit them the way you wish and construct your own lists.

#9. One and the same idea can be sent to subscribers of another mailing lists. You just tick the basic mailing lists and Free Travel Classification consequentially sends message(s) to the subscribers of all these lists.

#10. You can send communication in queue. You set the date when the implication must be sent, and then leave the office. You can even go on a vacation; when the time for conveyance comes (in a week or in a year), your idea will be sent to compulsory email addresses.

#11. You get full guide data for new, unsubscribed users for the mailing lists. You elect the age for displaying gauge data, and Free Travel Approach shows you everything.

#12. You can add new subscribers, edit profile of free subscribers, cancel the profile, filter and explore the subscribers in mailing list base. You can assigning (import and export) the subscribers from one mailing list to another. Or save the subscribers' list in a distinctive file.

These are not all the skin and options you get with Mailing List module of Free Travel System, but even now you can see that your mailing commotion becomes exceedingly bottomless with such a tool.


Ok, just one exemplar to illustrate how much you can do with this module for your web site. Let's say, you certain to make eZine about your food recipes. You go the Mailing List in Free Travel Approach and do the following.

1. Desire the fitting eZine template. If you found the one that you like, adapt it. If you want to make your own eZine - make your own guide and use it.

2. The eZine implication is ready. Ok, desire when you want to send it - set the date, and feel free to do everything you wish. Free Interchange Approach will inevitably send it on the day set by you.

3. Now you elect what clients from your web site will get the eZine. If you have many mailing lists and want all their subscribers to get the eZine - tick all mailing lists and eZine will be sent to all their subscribers.

4. If you by now have many e-mail in your eZine - you can queue them. The e-mail can be sent every day, once a week, every time you wish.

You get complete choice in mailing tactics. Only you set the limits to your email activity: you go to settings of Mailing Lists and bend them to your flow needs.

Actually, this day of "Free Transfer Course" could be more than a few times longer, for the reason that the mailing skin of Free Transfer Arrangement are actually versatile.

But you can save your time, visit the web site http://www. FreeTrafficSystem. com and read the skin texture for this and other modules.

But this module has one alarm - Mailing List includes the Autoresponder which is previously integrated into the system. This adds a accurate follow-up marketing power. If you want to know more about it and other advantageous skin tone of Free Passage System, the next days of "Free Travel Course" will describe all in details.

Grow your knowledge, transfer and profits.

Nickolay Bokhonok - CEO And Owner Of DesktopMoney LTD. Inventor of Internet marketing software and scripts. Successful Internet entrepreneur. You can learn more about these passage shop strategies, schemes and tips in "Free Transfer Course" at http://www. FreeTrafficSystem. com FreeTrafficSystem - Your Web Site Transfer Doctor.


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