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Your passage shop checklist: 15 ways to get more visitors who are ready to buy (part 2) - traffic-building



When many of my clients first come to me for coaching, they share that one of their main challenges is receiving adequate visitors to their site. Attracting interchange isn't a cut and dry course of action - there isn't one complete way to do it. But there are many ways that, when used collaboratively, will build you a nice cascade of visitors.

To get your marketing wheels turning, check out these 15 austere ways to catch the attention of new visitors to your site. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it will give you numerous fresh ideas to try.

Now, bring to mind - you don't want to expel crack in in receipt of just anybody to visit your site. You only want citizens who would possible be engrossed in what you have to offer. So ahead of you read on, counter this question:

"WHO are your aim clients or customers?"

Are they men, women, or both? Do they own a a few type of commerce or work in a a variety of profession? Are they young, old, or central point aged? Are they left handed? Do they own pets? Can they juggle?

I hope you see where I'm going here. The more you know about your ideal clients/customers, the change for the better you'll know where and how to find them .

So . . . keep that in sequence in mind as you believe the lasting of my 15 traffic-building tactics. (See Part 1 (http://www. ezinequeen. com/traffic1. htm) for the first 7!)

___ 8. Recommendations by E-zine Publishers

Do you know anybody who publishes an e-zine for the same aim at promote as yours? If you're not absolute competitors, ask her about cross-promoting each other. Example: My acquaintance Wendy Weiss, "The Queen of Cold Calling," publishes a great e-zine called "Opening Doors & Finishing Sales" (www. wendyweiss. com). When we both launched our e-zines three years ago, I gave a two-paragraph approval for her site in my own e-zine, and she returned the favor by doing the same for me. That one argument resulted in hundreds of new visitors (and subscribers) for each of us!

___ 9. Recommendations by Other Site Owners

ISame idea as #8. Many sites offer a "recommended resources" page, so why not get planned on them? Find sites whose aim at advertise matches yours and ask if they'd advise your site. You'll get more yeses if you offer to list them on your site as well. (This policy used to also be very brawny to help become more intense your examination engine rankings, but not so much anymore. )

___ 10. Belong to Programs

Grow your own sales force by donation a attractive appoint on your food and services. While this requires you to give away some profits on those sales, they're sales you would not have had otherwise. Right now more or less HALF of my sales come from passage sent to my site by my affiliates. Best of all, you can track and pay your affiliates certainly using programs like ClickBank (electronic deliverables only, zzz. clickbank. net/r/?ezinequeen) or KickStart Cart (a a cut above account of 1ShoppingCart, www. netofficetoolbox. com/app/adtrack. asp?AdID=36923), which handles both electronic and brute goods.

___ 11. Your E-mail Sig File

You're maybe common with e-mail signature (or "sig") files - they're the few lines of associate in rank that many of us put at the foot of every e-mail we send. Add a few extra lines to your sig file that give us a basis to visit your site. Conceivably you're having a elite sale now or you're benevolent away a free report, e-book, or e-zine subscription. Remember, e-mails get forwarded about all the time, so take help of this free exposure. (For more tips on sig files, see my clause "Make Your E-mail Sig File Work for You" at www. ezine-queen. com/sigfile. htm. )

___ 12. Exposure in Print, Radio, and TV

You can drive hundreds or even thousands of new visitors to your site with the right media exposure. Again, no be relevant how great your interview or critique is, colonize need a kick in the pants to visit your site. So give them amazing free that they have to come GET at your site. For help in generating media hype at $0 cost to you, check out expert journalist George McKenzie's Get Free Media hype code at www. automateyourwebsite. com/app/aftrack. asp?afid=73137.

___ 13. Dialogue to Groups

Nothing plants more of an bearing on associates than an in-person presentation. At each appearance, assemble your participants' e-mail addresses by gift a bit free (your free report, e-book, or e-zine subscription). The day after the event, send them a reminder to visit your site to pick up their free gift! My associate Tom Antion's site - www. netofficetoolbox. com/app/adtrack. asp?AdID=37477 - offers tons of counsel and capital on dialogue for exposure and profit.

___ 14. Postcard Mailings

One of the most overlooked tactics in today's marketing world is the humble postcard. Postcards are a fast, easy, and trustworthy way to add to visitors to your site. Best of all, they're the ideal way to break all through the online encumber and get your prospects' attention! For a failsafe, step-by-step postcard marketing plan, look to my own marketing mentor, Alex Mandossian. He offers a brilliant tutorial container called Marketing With Postcards (www. marketingwithpostcards. com).

___ 15. Sheer Shamelessness

If you live in the Los Angeles area, there's a good ability you've seen "EzineQueen. com" whiz by you at speeds in extra of 70 m. p. h. Why? It's adorned crossways the back of my black SUV in large, lime-green letters! At least once a month I get a forthcoming e-mail from a celebrity who saw my giant URL and, out of curiosity, visited my site. A few of them have even curved into customers. Example learned? Think out of the box! For help in this area, see Debbie Allen's "Confessions of Unabashed Self Promoters" series. (www. confessionsofshameless. com)

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is dramatist of the award-winning manual, "Boost Affair With Your Own E-zine. " To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at http://EzineQueenTutorial. com/


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