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The do?s and don?ts of encyclopedia submission - traffic-building


If you own a big business online, would like to augment targeted interchange to your site but austerely don't have any free time, hiring a celebrity to give in your URL to niche directories may be what the Dr. ordered.

I hope the subsequent interview with Tim Mathews who owns http://timmathews. com a Encyclopedia Submission Assistance helps.

Before we get happening Tim tell us a diminutive about yourself.

I am an avid web designer at heart. I have been in the computer activity for about 10 years - back when AOL 2 was the bomb, and if you didn't have a 14. 4 modem, you were cruising slow. (Wow, how times have changed). I certainly enjoy taking the mom and pop 100 creation site and edifice it into a motivating force ecommerce site. I love shop sites, then getting them scheduled in the hunt engines and directories, and examination the sales roll in for the client.

How did you get happening in address list submission services?

I first stumbled into Encyclopedia submission armed forces when I was demanding to get a companies site scheduled in the hunt engines. I was demanding and demanding to get it listed, but no use. After frequent reworking, I as a final point got the site listed. I was then thinking. . . Huh, this was tough for me, and I am a pro! I was wondering if others were having issues, and alas, THEY WERE! From then, affair has spawned from flow local clients to all the seven seas!

For those new to the internet could you account for what a directory submission assistance is?

A Book Submission Service, in my opinion, is a circle that will acquiesce your website to directories. Now, the client must be assiduous when selecting a company. Many I have seen say a touch along the lines of "We give in you to over 800,000 Explore Engines and Directories". This announcement alone lets me know that they are not trustworthy. We can all fire up ANY free/shareware submitter and boast the same statement. What I LIKE to see, when inspection my competition, is a catalog of directories they will agree to to. And, of course, no one can agreement inclusion.

What was your motivation for present almanac submission service?

Well, to be blunt, I was belief this could make us some money. I was belief of my stumbling in the submissions, and how long and hard I worked to get sites listed. I learned what to do, and certainly what NOT to do. I figured it would be a great service.

What evils did you have to overcome to start your directory submission service?

Our main harms are the sites that boast hundreds of thousands of submissions to directories. . . This confuses the client to idea there are this come to of "separate" directories. After description that there are far less, (We submit to as few as 20 directories up to about 200 for some clients), so you can see why this would be a problem.

How did you overcome these problems?

We overcame the issues by account of the military that the "other guys" provide, and most importantly, we overcame the challenge with RESULTS. We do what we say, and get it done.

What brunt can using a encyclopedia submission benefit have on ones online business?

Directory submissions can make the business, LITERALLY. Submitting to examination engines is fine, and Be supposed to be done. Submitting to directories is absolutely a necessity.

What kind of gains can one anticipate to make by using a directory submission service?

Once Almanac listings take, you can count on to maybe double your traffic. Amplify interchange could mean alter ego sales/leads.

What could the demise be of using a address list submission service?

Well, un kept promises. Many "other guys" make big promises, but consign seldom few or none altogether. Do your research. How long has the site been in business? Do a "who is" look up and see when they bought the province name just to be certain.

Can you give 3 tips on fruitfully submitting to directories such as DMOZ for example?

With Pleasure!

Proper Grouping Choice is KEY
You MUST accept to the applicable category. This is the most overlooked, since we think we have a site promotion Sports Blankets, like http://www. blanketmall. com/tim and they wanted to be planned into the "sports category" After research, I certain it be best that they be submitted into the Shopping: Sports: Theme Produce category. If I would have submitted the site into the root of sports, I can Agreement it would have not been accepted.

Tip 2. ) Wait.
Do NOT accept your site to ODP (dmoz. org) again in a month. Give it 2 months to see results. If after 2 months, you are not listed, change your submission, drill down to a deeper, more germane category, and resubmit.

Tip 3. ) Do not hound the guides.
I have seen citizens conversation about "direct relationships with guides for grouping "****" They say to email the guide and bug them. We bicker with this. If your site is appropriately submitted, you will not have a problem. We have clients that tried this tactic, and have never been listed. We submitted them, and got them listed.

Thank you for the chance to give my opinion in this. It has actually been a pleasure. Thanks!

Brian Holte
Email: theebookking@shaw. ca
Copyright-Brian Holte

Have You Been Idea of Creating E-books? Brian Holte is a irregular writer/researcher and owner of http://www. theebookking. com. He publishes a newsletter which focuses on brainstorming and researching techniques for e-books.


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