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How to triple your banner click-through-rates - traffic-building


Have you noticed that your banner ads not often get clicked on? Banner ads used to be a very helpful approach of advertising, but the web has befall blown up with banner after banner. As a answer they're essentially unnoticed today.

But did you know there is a clean and helpful way to get citizens to click on your banners?

The click-through-rates of text links is around 4 times that of banner ads. Text links tend to give a prospective consumer more advantageous in a row about the link and less hype. And with a text link you avoid the headaches that you get when staring at alternating banners.

Of avenue the main badly behaved with text links is that most banner argument programs and sites that sell marketing use banners. So to announce on most sites you have to have a average 468 x 60 pixel banner to use in your ad campaigns.

This poses a dilemma for advertisers but there is a clear-cut solution: Make your banners look like text links!

The course of action of creating banners of this type is a very austere one, but there are numerous steps involved:

1 - Construct a consistent text link in HTML. You can use any backdrop color that you wish, but do keep in mind that a white back-ground will blend in with most web sites and your banner will act more like a common text link.

Now preview the link in your HTML editor or your web browser.

2 - When the link looks faithfully the way you want it to look, basically press the "Print Screen" badge on your keyboard. This copies the filling of the broadcast (including your text link) to the Windows clipboard.

3 - Open up the Windows "Paint" program. You'll find it under "Accessories" on the "Start menu".

4 - Click "Edit" and then click "Paste".

5 - You'll now see the check shot that you made with the "Print Screen" key. Save this as a JPEG image:

On the "File" menu, click "Save As". Type a name for the new image in the "File Name" box. In the "Save As Type" drop-down box, choice JPEG. Now click "Save". You now a JPEG image of the barrier shot that you took with the text link in it.

6 - Open the image in your choice photo editor (I use MGI PhotoSuite). Cautiously crop the image about the text link until it dealings faithfully 468 x 60 pixels. If you need other banner sizes (buttons or skyscrapers for instance), austerely crop your image to the size needed.

You now have a banner ad that looks like a text link! Use this for your ads and banner chat campaigns and enjoy a much advanced click-through-rate than you would be given with established banners!

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