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For the past few years, I've been stashed away in my clandestine lab functioning on underground strategies for compelling hordes of embattled to travel to my sites.

I've certain to emerge from my lab for a inadequate time and disclose a few of these killer strategies to you.

Are you ready? Good? let's get to it!

It seems that my consulting clients all bear from the dreaded 'limited site' disease. You may be afflicted by it as well. Basically, the disease consists of preventive your eyesight to your main website.

Most citizens see their site as being the base of the universe? but in their universe no other stars or planets exist.

I would like to open your eyes to a better picture. One full of stars, each surrounded by their own planetary system.

How does this associate to your website?

Imagine your site sells 32 another widgets (this is the base of the universe).

Now dream you construct a new site for each widget which is committed to that widget alone. Some call these minisites, I will call them stars.

The aim of each star is to enlarge upon the remuneration of that widget, but point back to the axis of the universe (your main site) to order that widget.

With me so far?

Good, let's move forward.

Now, each star can have its own planetary system. Let's say each star has 5 planets. Planets are austerely 'feeder' sites whose only drive is to as the crow flies travel from the exploration engines back to the star.

For example, many of you are customary with page generating applications such as Position Power or Passage Equalizer. What if you used these with the aim of feeding your stars? Are you establishment to feel the power here?

I will stop here for now.

To recap?

Your main site is the concentrate of the universe. You chronicle a area for each of the crop you sell and construct a star (or minisite) for that product. The ordering page for that star points back to your main artifact site. Each star then has 5 planets (feeder sites) generated with Grade Power or Passage Equalizer all pointing back to that star.

It's a very brawny concept, use wisely. More will be naked soon.

Copyright 2005 Keith Baxter

This commentary has been authored by Keith Baxter, the editor and publisher of the fast promotion video newsletter at http://www. StealthTrafficSecrets. com

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