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Our Story

A few years ago, we were struggling to drive transfer to one of our websites. We were as soon as overwhelmed with the quantity of awareness and skill it took to effectively drive interchange to our site. We had tacit that if we formed a site that was worth seeing, it would be seen. We could not have been more wrong.

We ran into a add up to of companies who obtainable to take over this discouraging task for us. We certain to try out a add up to of them to see how our clash stacks up.

They free many letters of visitors. I bear in mind my first purchase. I bought 5,000 embattled hits from them for $10. My consequence cost $15 at the time, so I figured at least 1 character out of 10,000 would purchase. The days went by, and my contradict went crazy.

The Domino effect

After our bond expired, all my hits had been delivered as expected. I did not have one sale!!

I Ought to Have Educated My Lesson!

Thinking this had to be a fluke. . I switched to a further company, and bought the same package.


I couldn't amount out what was going on. I was assured my ad's were on paper well. The site was well deliberate and planned, and my creation was in demand. . .

I On track To Consider

Frustrated, I ongoing to consider closely where these visitors were appearance from. I discovered, that I had fallen victim to one of the most customary scams on the internet. I couldn't have faith in my eyes when I first naked the secrets these company's use to drive travel to the clients sites.

I tartan the lettering I had installed that was used to check full stats on all of our traffic. All 10,000 of our hits came in 2 days, and all 10,000 of them were logged in for less than 3 seconds. Not a free one of them navigated past our main page. My stats handwriting will also tell me where my passage was referred from, and what keywords they used. All of these hits had the same referral, and didn't use keywords. This last fact isn't important, since any company, good or bad, will redirect their interchange sources all through their domain. This is just to keep competitors from stealing their sources (good or bad).

I have faith in that these company's are going to pay for their greed and deceitfulness a bit in the near future.

In the next few pages, we are going to bare closely how these greedy companies scam you. This will help you avoid such scams, and put your money to good use, as an alternative of assassination it.

You Will Be Shocked at what these company's do to send you traffic!

This is the most immoral, unethical, and dishonest affair carry out I have ever come crossways online. These companies know closely what they're doing. After all, if their interchange methods work, wouldn't they use it themselves? Why is a band contribution millions of hits to their visitors, when they are only being paid 10-15 hits a day? They don't use their own methods, for the reason that they know their hits are useless.

I fell victim to this scam, as have thousands of others. These companies give you a sales pitch a touch like this. . .

Suppose that you sell a artifact for $25 and that in a worst case scenario only 1% of your visitors acquire your product.

An be in the region of site gets less than 100 hits per day (3,000/month). Thus, approximately 30 ancestors will buy the creation every month (1% of 3,000). That means you are charming in only $750 per month (30 x $25)

With our service: Assume the site owner (you) purchases 100,000 visitors with our service. Using our best guess that only 1% of visitors will buy the product, a total of 1,000 purchases will be made. That's a value of$25,000! And that is if only 1% of visitors acquire the product! Think about the come again on your investment!

If you're like me, you got appealing excited when you read that. After all, there's no conceivable way you can't at least earn your investment back, right? WRONG!!

You give in, order their service, and at first, you get excited, since travel is pouring in! Soon you achieve that your money is earning you nothing. In fact it's figure you your bandwidth, and not delivering any results!

Of choice no company, no affair how credible they are, can agreement you sales. That depends amply on your ad copy, price, and the call of the item. I can assurance though, that some of these company's have thousands of clients, and not one of their clients has ever made a sale.

I bought my traffic. . . Now where are all my orders?

Now remember, worst case scenario is that 1% of your visitors will buy your product. Right? WRONG! If that's the case, then where are your orders? These company's place these ads right in your face when you visit their website. This way, your sold ahead of you even see the price, and you'll buy into their high prices.

Naturally you are going to have faith in that you'll pay off your "investment" right away, and make a ton of extra money. After all, you spent hours inscription that "perfect ad," so you're going to draw in a lot more than 1%.

I'll let you in on a secret. No be relevant how good your ad is, it doesn't do any good if it's never read.

You sit there and watch travel come airborne in at hyperspeed. Then they fly out. You don't make any sales. What do you do now? If you're like me, you're going to email them, bad tempered how you didn't make any sales from their services. They're going to tell you some alteration of the following. . .

"I'm sorry you didn't make any sales. If you read our terms, you would see that we can only agreement that we send the passage to you. The sales are your responsibility. We cannot agreement sales, since we are not caught up in the characters of the advertisement. "

This trees them clean from delivering any refunds. Trust me, they won't refund your money!

Starting to get suspicious? The truth is your travel was delivered in a ambiguous way.

You were sent FAKE VISITORS, or GHOST VISITORS, as they are broadly called online.

Have you been tracking your traffic?

Many associates don't appreciate that there are free scripts that you can bed in on your site to track comprehensive data about your traffic. I'm not discussion about counters. Counters are inaccurate, plus they don't tell you no matter which about your visitors.

If you essentially check your traffic, you can learn lots of equipment about your visitors. As well as the countries they're from, their IP addresses, the time they came to your site, the time they left your site, the site's they were referred from (google, yahoo, etc. . ), and the keywords they used to explore for your site.

My figures were shocking!

The passage I controlled had no IP address, no hunt engine, none of my visitors navigated past the front page! I paid for these "Guarantee'd Real Visitors," and I have the right to know where they come from. Guess what, I figured it out!

A few of the hits that they had sent, slipped up, and didn't disguise their cause as well as they ought to have. . .

I kept as the same IP adopt over and over and over again about 900 times in one day. I accepted wisdom a celebrity out there exceedingly must love my web site or it's the scam hit ballet company I hired. Well I clicked the link that night which was labeled with an IP address, not the authentic web site . com name itself just the information of the IP address. . . . I clicked that and wouldn't you know it? I acknowledged just a site effective me it doesn't exist.

With my battle still in a row the next day along with all the "unknown" seats I seen a curious url and had to click that to see where over 500 of the same colonize were appearance from and I ended up in Pop Up hell! You know that hell don't you? Where you are swarmed with so many pop ups that you plainly have to pull the plug on your cpu to get out of it? The sad part about that link is that all the Pop Ups were from PORNO sites!

It's no admiration these companies don't tell where they carry their travel from! After all, what ethical big business wants to broadcast on those disgusting adult sites?

So you want to know accurately how this all works?

After next the slipped up appointment link, I was going to to a website where anybody can post their own free adult site. (If your going to try and be a consequence these links yourself, I would bring to mind switching your browser to text only mode, as I did. If not you'll get flooded with pop-ups, and disgusting porno pictures. )

Now we have dogged that my transfer was appearance from this site, but I didn't see my site at all. . .

I switched back to my transfer log, and hit refresh. I WAS STUNNED! At the top of my log, I had 12 hits to my site, all with my IP address!!! By viewing this site just once, I recieved 12 hits!!

I switched over to www. Alexa. com. Alexa is a site place service, that can tell you how admired a site is. This adult site that I was programmed on was recieving 786,376 hits per day, on be in the region of at some stage in that week. Multiply that by 12, and that's where all my travel came from!

So now we know what site is generating the traffic, but how are they disguising the IP address. Why wasn't my site ever shown on broadcast to me? The come back with lies in the HTML basis code. . .

Here are the clandestine codes!!

One of the tricks that these companies use is a the way they hide where your passage is advent from. The way they do this is because of a redirect code. A redirect code is easily a cade that webmasters use on their websites to take one website and send it a different way.

The chief trick is how they can mysteriously load your site many times, not including you since it. They do this by embedding your site into theirs, and assembly it tiny. So tiny in fact, that it looks like a period. So as an alternative of using periods at the end of their sentances, they just embed their clients sites sites to look like a period.

Try it for by hand

Open up your HTML editor, or notepad, and build a appraise page using this code.

Testing the Embed Script

Now open it in your web browser. What you get is a small box in the left hand angle of your website. For this example, I made the code 5x bigger than these companies do. So you can see how by far they disguise these sites. Exclusive that diminutive square, is in reality an full website!!

So your thinking, they just embed my site into that a small amount square, 10-15 times on the page, and that's where my hits come from. Yes, and No. Basically that's how it works, but if they put your website into that square, you could by a long shot trace the passage back to the adult site. So what they do is put their redirect page into that square, and redirect it to your site, so now it looks like all the transfer is appearance from them.

So let's put it all together.

You order passage from a travel company.

The interchange band creates a free adult site and lists it into a almanac of free adult sites. According to our alexa appraisal these sites get 786,376 hits per day. If their redirect page gets 12 hits every time a celebrity loads the adult site, that means they have an arithmetic mean of 9,436,512 hits per day, which they allocate among their clients.

For some of the Monster Travel Companies, 9. 5 million visitors a day just isn't enough. They can by a long shot turn that 9. 5 million visitors, into as many as they need. As an alternative of embedding the redirect page. They embed a page full of these periods. That way, when their "period farm" page loads, they can have as many sites load as they want.

They austerely alteration the redirect page to anything client they want the travel sent to.

Your counteract goes crazy, and all your hits are delivered.

You never make a sale. Now you can be au fait with how you could have thousands of visitors sent your way, and never make a sale. Your site is never certainly displayed.

The transfer circle has delivered faithfully what they said they would, and are clear from any refunds.

Our Company, www. CadenzaWeb. com Provides You with REAL traffic, that you can track, and get complete data on. Our Sales have quadrupled since we ongoing using this ourselves. Check Out www. CadenzaWeb. com for more information.
Interested in appropriate an ethical interchange reseller? We have a devoted website just for resellers at blanket rates as low as $1 CPM (per 1000). www. Sell-Traffic. com

Want to use this critique on your site? Desire do, just leave our name and link attached.


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