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I`ve had colonize come to me and say "Traffic Exchanges are useless, and I don`t have time to click anyway", or they`ll say "There are too many of them, and I find it all overwhelming"

Here`s what I say: Ok, the interchange may not be 100% embattled visitors, but somebody, someplace just MIGHT like your product, associate program, salespage etc.

The more transfer you get, the more apt you are to in point of fact find those people. First of all, anything you do, don`t just jump onto any old transfer exchange, read it thoroughly, make sure you get at LEAST a 2:1 acclaim ratio, which all in all means: you visit 2 websites, in altercation for one visitor to YOUR preferred website.

Next, join 4 or 5 good travel exchanges,. Read the whole thing you can about using the program, so you know you won`t be flouting the rules.

Now on to the hard work bit: Lets call the preferred exchanges A, B, C, D and E. Pull up notepad, copy/paste your recommendation links to the 5 programs into it (ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+v to paste). Do the same with your surfing links, (sometimes known as startpage links), and make sure you DON`T baffle the two.

You need to plug each Interchange Chat into the other to conceive a circle. (example: where it asks for website put curriculum A into course B, B into C, C into D, D into E, and as a final point E into A)

So now, each passage altercation is promoting one of the others. The basis for this is to build your downlines in the a number of exchanges. Why work hard for interchange if you can get others to work for you?

Ok, next step can be tedious, but if you`ve elected the right passage exchanges, it can be kinda fun too. Open the 5 programs, using your Surf/Startpage link.

Click away at all 5 of them vigorously, say at least 30 follow-up per day, for maybe 3 weeks. This Must start edifice your downlines in the a range of exchanges. If it doesn`t work at first, keep difficult until it does. The key here is to never give up.

Once you have a good an adequate amount downline (in YOUR opinion), and your downlines are creating travel for you, log back into the programs, alter the website link to whichever code it is you Exceedingly want to promote.

Don`t anticipate your downline to build ALL of your traffic, you may still have to "click" by hand for a while, but with time, that will change. In my favourite programs, my downlines are receiving me 1000 pageviews per day.

That`s 5000 pageviews, on average, per day for free, and I hardly ever click at all any more. Maybe every once in a while just to keep my balance sheet active, depending on the programs rules.

Give it a try, and as I said before: Don`t give up! Have Fun!

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