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How to cheat transfer exchanges - traffic-building


There are many ways to cheat passage exchanges and create colossal information of hits to your website. Some are center and some are simple. Below is a list of some of the more common methods of cheating.

Give physically a point for each approach of cheating that you by now employ and then rate by hand on our cheat-o-meter.

-- Cavity the same altercation in numerous windows to create many hits at a time.

-- Enclosure the Start URL from one argument into the Aim URL from another.

-- Open compound windows and minimise them until just the "Next Page" link is showing. Click away.

-- Use a custom browser (eg - Crazy Browser) to "auto-click" all the way through barter programs so it generates hits while you watch Jerry Springer.

-- Use custom made software considered to get about the cheat-protection on a travel exchange.

How did you do?

-- 1pt: You are a liar and a thief

-- 2pts You are a liar and a thief

-- 3pts You are a liar and a thief

-- 4pts You are a liar and a thief

-- 5pts You are a liar and a thief

In truth, if you are a ongoing cheater, then you have in all probability clogged appraisal this condition when you realised it wasn't going to teach you something you didn't before now know.

If you have played about with any of these ideas, then you might find the idea of being called a "thief" extreme. I disagree.

If you are using any of these methods, you are one step away from mugging sweets from the bend shop.

And this is why.

When a big name creates a new travel argument a lot of time and money goes into the projects conception and administration. They may give away free hits as an introductory offer but, after that, hits can only be purchased or earned.

This is how the owner makes his income. This is how they see a come again on their efforts.

If you earn these credits by means of fradulent means, this is akin to being paid a alone to clock you out of work while you take the morning off. You are earning a little you haven't WORKED for.

I've heard it argued that passage barter owners make so much money, they barely become aware of the lost credits that cheaters steal.

This is the same incredible contention that says it is ok to steal from large area food since "they can give it". At the end of the day, the losses are added to the prices that candid associates decide to pay. Decent surfer's hard earned credits are atrophied by cheats.

And you are still a thief whether the character you steal from can allow it or not.

I be supposed to also point out that the bulk of travel chat owners are not rich. The lucrative ones may make a tidy income, but the best part are maybe struggling to break even. Stealing credits does not help their endeavours.

If you are using, or considering, any kind of cheat method, choose think twice. Think about your reputation, think about the owner you are stealing from, and think about Dylan Campbell whose credits are being frittered away on Crazy Browser enthusiasts who think they have bare a touch new.

Theft isn't new. It just keeps altering shape.

And for all those smug surfers out there who are sat back, haughtily thinking, "I never cheat". Do you honestly view EVERY website for the Intact time the contradict is ticking?

I doubt it. And let's be sensible, it is more or less hopeless not to break the intermittent term or condition. So many transfer exchanges, each with their own exclusive demands. Who can bear in mind every definite last rule?

I'm not demanding perfection from surfers, just a a variety of sum of fair play. So let me tell you how I surf.

Am I a cheat? No. Do I break terms & conditions? Yes. Do I view EVERY website that I click through? Yes. And I consider that it is every transfer altercation users duty to do the same.

Step 1) Make a list of all the transfer exchanges you be in the right place to. For this example, pretend I am a associate of 20.

Step 2) List all the days you know you can spend at least 20 follow-up surfing. For this example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Step 3) Share out the exchanges evenly among the days. For this example, I can assign five exchanges to each day.

Step 4) Visit the Start URL of the first chat on your list. Go to the menu bar of IE and click, "Favourites" and then, "Add to Favourites". Construct a new folder called, "Surf Monday" or a little analogous and add the Start URL to this folder. Do again for the next four exchanges on your list.

Step 5) Go over Step 4 for the next five exchanges on your list and place them in a new folder called, "Surf Wednesday" or a bit similar. Recap this administer for Friday's and Saturday's.

When Monday comes around, open the apposite folder for Monday's and open all the exchanges in that folder in break free browser windows. Make sure they are ALL full size.

You must see each copy of IE that you have opened, scheduled in the Windows bar at the bed of your screen. If they are grouped together, click on the IE group and you be supposed to be able to see each Passage Barter programmed individually. Make sure you haven't acidentally opened the same Interchange Chat twice.

Click on the first argument and view the website. When the contradict has complete click to the next site and As soon as move to the next IE window. Precious seconds are cadaverous while the next website loads, so use them in its place viewing the website in the next IE window.

Once again, view the website until the answer has finished, click to the next site and at once move to the next browser chance in your sequence.

Notice that I am not viewing each website for the full chunk of the counter, but I am viewing EVERY website. I, for one, would have no catch with my websites being viewed in this manner. Far better, than not being viewed at all as of a cheaters greed.

When you have viewed each browser display in sequence, come again to the first browser display and go over the process. If pop-ups are a problem, try the free Google Toolbar. A good pop-up cover will make your surfing a lot easier.

If you come diagonally a website that looks interesting, don't stop surfing. If you have assigned 20 action for surfing, then you don't want to break your rythym. Instead, right-click the mouse badge confidential the website you like the look of and decide on "Add to Favourites?". Construct a new folder called, "Look Later" or a little similar, and add the website to this folder.

You MUST use the right-click performance moderately than using the menu bar. If not you will bookmark the passage barter and not the website you are engrossed in.

At the end of your surfing session, once a day, once a week or each time you feel is appropriate, open the "Look Later" folder and spend as much time as you want exploratory the websites you select and joining/investing in the programs that are worthwhile.

Assuming you can view all five browser windows twice a minute, that you spend 20 action in each surfing assembly and that the passage argument ratios be around 2:1, this exemplar would earn you 400 hits a week.

If you spent an hour each day surfing, this increases to 1200 hits a week. Not too shabby, above all when you start factoring in down-lines and other passage generating programs you may use.

Final Accepted wisdom -- Honesty still prevails in this activity and it will go on to do so while associates carry on to champion the virtues of conducting big business in a ample way. Cheaters may prosper, but so can the frank workers, if they are long-suffering and don't abandon their values. If you are a agenda owner and you catch a cheater, fail to remember the two strikes, allowance of the doubt rubbish. Throw him out into the gutter where he belongs. I would considerably be deleted from a course in error than make effects easier for the thieves of this industry.

Dylan Campbell has been calmly assembly a alive on the Internet since 2000. He has a unique, and often controversial, view of the industry.

Dylan Campbell writes exclusively for The Grate Ezine.


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